Excel 365 for Mac - is Power Query available?

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I need to merge spreadsheets that contain a unique identifier column.  Each spreadsheet contains student names and student ID, but each spreadsheet contains results from different tests,  I would like to combine them using the unique identifier column so that I can see all of each student's test scores in one spreadsheet.

I tried to download Power Query, however it doesn't seem to open on a Mac.  Any suggestions?  Is there a Power Query for Mac?  I am running macOS 10.14.6.

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@LouiseMc1952 PQ is in its infant stage in Excel for the Mac. You can refresh certain existing queries that where made on Excel for Windows. Nowadays, you can also import data from another workbook and from TXT/CSV files, but you can not write new or edit existing queries. So, I would say no! PQ isn't really available on the Mac. You'd need to set-up a virtual machine on your Mac with W10 and Excel.

Thank you for your fast reply. I appreciate it. I was having difficulty finding a direct answer.

Excel 365 Pro Plus with Power Pivot and Power Query.

Three ways to combine three sheets into one.

No formulas, no VBA macro.

With generic test data.

May it serve the non-Mac community.



Thank your your suggestion.  I will certainly study this to see if it will work for my needs.  I appreciate the help.



Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. I will try this.