Excel 365 app for tablet missing options

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Some options such as Page Layout or Print Preview do not appear on worksheets, how to get them


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The Excel 365 app for tablets, including iPads and Android tablets, offers a streamlined set of features compared to the desktop version. Certain options, such as "Page Layout" and "Print Preview," might not be directly available in the mobile app. Here are a few steps and tips to access similar functionality:

Accessing Page Layout Options

  1. Check Ribbon Options:
    • Tap on the "Home" tab at the top to see if there are more tabs available, such as "Insert," "Draw," "Data," etc.
    • Look for a "More" option (usually represented by three dots or an arrow) which might reveal additional tabs or features.
  2. Formatting Options:
    • For layout and formatting adjustments, use the "Formatting" pane:
      • Select the cell or range of cells you want to format.
      • Tap the "Format" option, usually accessible by a paintbrush icon or through the context menu that appears when a cell is selected.

Print Preview and Page Setup

  1. Print Setup:
    • Tap on the "File" menu (or the three lines/hamburger menu) usually located at the top left.
    • Select "Print" from the menu. This should open the print options, where you can adjust settings like orientation, scaling, and margins.
    • While this might not provide a full "Page Layout" view, it allows you to adjust print settings.
  2. Using Print Preview:
    • In the "Print" menu, after selecting a printer, you should see a preview of how your document will look when printed.
    • Use this preview to make adjustments as needed.

Alternative Workarounds

  1. Using a Web Browser:
    • For more advanced features, consider using Excel in a web browser. Visit Office.com and sign in with your Microsoft account.
    • Open your Excel file in the web version of Excel, which has more features than the mobile app.
  2. Desktop Mode:
    • If you need to perform advanced tasks that are not available in the tablet app, using a desktop or laptop with the full version of Excel is recommended.
  3. Third-Party Apps:
    • Some third-party apps might offer enhanced printing and layout features. However, it's important to ensure these apps are trustworthy and compatible with your needs.


  • Regular Updates: Ensure your app is updated to the latest version as Microsoft frequently adds new features and improvements.
  • Feedback to Microsoft: If a feature is missing, consider providing feedback through the app. Microsoft often incorporates user feedback into updates.

While the mobile app provides a lot of functionality for on-the-go use, complex tasks like detailed page layout and print preview might still be best handled on a desktop or via the web version of Excel.


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Didn't work on tablets, thus can't check.

"Certain options, such as "Page Layout" and "Print Preview," might not be directly available"

what this actually means? With "might not be available" we assume in some situations it might be available. It depends on tablet, mobile OS and Office versions or on what?

Thanks for the note :)