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I've been using Excel 2010 for years. For the last week or so when I open an excel file I am taken to the Office 365 online site asking me to subscribe. I don't want to subscribe, I'm happy with excel 2010. But I can't edit any files and most of the features are greyed out in the application. It's funny because on my other computer with windows 10 I don't have this problem with excel 2010. The computer I'm having the problem with is a new computer but I installed the Office 2010 from the original CD. And I am pretty sure it was working normally when I first installed it. I realize support For Office 2010 is discontinued but shouldn't I be able to use it without being directed to the Office 365 site?

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Disconnect your computer from the internet when using Excel 2010.


I use Excel 2010, and I never have that problem. Perhaps the following steps will fix it.

Click File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Privacy Options, and uncheckmark the box next to "Connect to Office.com for updated content".