Excel 16 print preview is off the page (have to scroll down to see it)

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When I use the print preview function (ctrl_p hotkey combo, file menu or other method) - the right pane (actual print preview) of the page is entirely off the page and I have to scroll down considerably to see any of the preview). The issue is the same as the one explained in this post at the msoffice forum: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_excel-mso_win10-mso_365hp/in-print-previ...


I've attached an image also (I stitched together a few screen shots and redacted some identifying info). As can be seen in the image (note the red circles around the scroll bar), I have to scroll down at least one page to see a preview of anything I attempt to print.


I have tried a repair, a full uninstall and reinstall, starting in safe mode and a host of other things to no avail.


Can anyone help fix this?


Excel 16 Print Preview Issue.jpg 

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These two photos may be even more helpful. I did blur some confidential info, so that is me editing the images, but it is otherwise how it displays.

Excel 16 Print Preview Issue first page.jpgExcel 16 Print Preview Issue Second page.jpg

@Jason Loesch 

We had the same issue as we just moved to the new Office suite.  Couldn't figure out the answer and it was driving us nuts.  We just figured it out though.  If your print preview page is displaying a long list of recent workbooks (the list on the left-hand side, lower), the preview display itself will be centered to that list.  I'm not explaining this well.  Anyway, if you go to file > options > advanced > Display you can change the # of workbooks to display.   I changed mine to a small number (6) and now my preview is proper.  When I had it at 20 it was running off the page.

Thanks I did notice that myself and forgot to come back and update my post I appreciate you responding to it though.
Thank you sooooooo much for this. It was driving me crazy!!
Man, I wish I could tell you how grateful I am that you posted this. Its ben driving me crazy for months. AND how stupid I feel for not having realized what the problem was. Thanks for taking the time to post the solution!