Error when copying or moving a sheet, name already exist

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What do i do when yes to all does not appear? I feel like i have clicked a million yes already and the message is still showing up.




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Hi @Kaydeann,

Click "No" give your sheet a different name, go back to the conflicting sheet, delete or rename it, and then rename the sheet you were trying to copy.

@Bennadeau , Thank you for responding. When I hit No, its like i have to rename all the items that excel is saying already exist. That is going create more work for me. Is there another way?


How did you get there and what are you trying to achieve exactly? Sounds like you're duplicating all the sheets in a workbook within that same workbook? 

@Bennadeau, I am moving the sheet from one workbook to the next, but the workbook i am moving the sheet to has a similar sheet.


I see... can you delete the sheet in the destination workbook before moving these?

You could use VBA to do that operation if you have to do this often. I'm sure there's a way to force the operation in the code without confirmation prompt. (equivalent to "Yes to All"). Let me know if it's a recurring thing, I'll try to dig up a code for you. If it's a one time thing, I suggest you stick with deleting before copying.

@Bennadeau I need the other sheet in the workbook so i can't delete before copying. I need to find a way to get the "yes to all" as i am copying similar sheets into the workbook.


Didn't mean to delete the whole workbook, just the sheets you won't need.

Say you have source.xlsx and destination.xlsx

Both have the following sheet: sheet1, sheet2 and sheet3

You want to copy only sheet1 and sheet2 from source.xlsx to destination.xlsx

In destination.xlsx, delete sheet1 and sheet2

From source.xlsx, copy sheet1 and sheet2 to destination.xlsx

That way, sheet3 in destination.xlsx will remain untouched.


Would that work?

@KaydeannHi there, I'm not sure how old is this post, and I hope you found a solution since. If not, maybe others will benefit from this advice. Here's what you need to do:

1. File -> Info

2. Check for issues -> Inspect Document

3. Scroll down to Hidden Worksheets and remove


Hope this helps :)