entering email addresses into excel

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When I enter an email address the format changes so that it is a link, I am having issues getting this to stop as I want the email address in the list in excel to remain white and the same as all the other wording. when I click and highlight it the toolbar blacks out and I am unable to change it back to white or adjust the color, size, etc. what am I doing wrong?

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You can right click email addresses and hit "Remove hyperlink" this will turn in to text again. Or, you can keep the link there and use the format painter tool to copy a normal cell and drag it over your list of emails, this will make your email addresses not look like hyperlinks.


If you don't need the links you may disable them here


with that email addresses will be as any other text.

Stupid question. how do you get to Options?
This does not work
File > Options
The format painting or the removal of hyperlinks? I tested both, you have to copy the correct formatting first then paint onto the hyperlink. Or copy/paste format works as well.
I don't know what you mean by "Format Painting"?

@Sergei Baklan   Mine does not look like yours.


My ProofingMy Proofing


Looks exactly the same way, you just provide part of the screen.


You need to click on highlighted button.