Employee list + training

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My cancer "brain-"fog has arrived! I know I know this. Office 365 vrs 10

I have a list of employees and a list of training. How do track the training of each employee?

(Marcos is too much, everyone in office needs to be able to work the spreadsheet.)

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this is way to broad a question. we have no idea how you are saving their training information. Personally I have created a very complicated workbook that tracks the current revision of the training materials, the training requirements for each individual, and then has what I call 'soft passwords' for each individual so they can 'log in' and then it generates a training matrix specific for them and admin login that lets them update/edit specific items (it only requires macros for the admin login not the 'soft login' for the individuals).
But in your case if everyone has the same training requirements and all in the same table then maybe a simple filter on the table?