Email automation not working please help lol

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Good afternoon, 


I was wondering if someone could please help me with this - I'm an excel novice and have put together code to extract data from 4 separate cells and bring it into an outlook email for me. I thought I'd done it correctly but every time I try to trigger the mails I get the 424 error object required and my 'objMail.Body' entire section is highlighted in yellow - would anyone be able to help at all please? I can also post the spreadsheet that I'm trying to use too. 


Code I've put together is below - 






And the spreadsheet format looks like this with 25 cells per column -




With the Email Addresses kept on a separate tab. 


Many thanks in advance for any help!


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I corrected a little error in the rngSupplierMPID and now the error is: Run time error '1004' Application-definer or object defined error. I am terrible at Excel.