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Just asking, do you know if it's possible to send an email alert to myself when a date is due.
For example, I work with calibrated devices and they have calibration due dates.
I enter the device description on a sheet and with the Cal data I fill out the details and place calibration date and due dates on for the next schedule.
I wanted to alert myself with an email, but from Excel recognising this is due and alerts me.
Is this possible or not, as Yes I will always close the workbook and thought can Excel do this whilst not active or when I next open the workbook would be good too.
Let me know if you have covered this in a video, but keep in mind I want Excel to do it for me without me always viewing my matrix for due dates.
Any tips or videos will help.
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I wonder why not using Outlook?

However you need to know it better.

Here is a small example with VBA.


Option Explicit

Sub GMG_test()
   Dim lRow As Integer
   Dim rngDatum As Range, c As Range
   With ActiveSheet
      lRow = .Cells(Rows.Count, 4).End(xlUp).Row
      Set rngDatum = .Range("D4:D" & lRow)
   End With
   For Each c In rngDatum
      If IsDate(c) Then
         If c < Now Then
            MsgBox ("Old date")
            Call mailen
            MsgBox ("New date")
         End If
      End If
   Next c
End Sub



I would be happy to know if I could help.


I wish you continued success with Excel



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I'll look into Outlook, maybe that might be an easier option.


With the VBA code you've written, will that send me an email when due dates are approaching and not from all my sheets?


I was hoping for a video or some more detail as I'm intermediate level on Excel VBA and still learning.


Do I copy your code and paste it into the module as I have 11 sheets on this workbook and only want one sheet example sheet 4 to do this, sorry forgot to mention this earlier.


Thank you for your time and feedback Nikolino. 

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Mail from Excel and make...

In the inserted link you will find many good suggestions for solutions in this direction.


As for Outlook, you'd have to read through the rules.

Think that it should work with the rules settings.


Take a look, if you get stuck, just give feedback and I will help you further.


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Thank you very much Nikolino for this information, you have great knowledge in this area. I have enough information to view on the link attached.


Thank you for your feedback.
For further questions I am gladly at your disposal.

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I know I don't know anything (Socrates)

If you are looking for a no-code solution, here are two video demos showing how you can automate email alerts from Excel:
Using Microsoft Power Automate:
Using my Visual CUT software: