Element not allowed inside an array in a LAMBDA function

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Can anyone advise why   the array expression {a,b} in the LAMBDA expression below generates an error.


it indicates, "element not allowed inside an array"

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{...} assumes constants inside. You may try

=LAMBDA(a,b,IF(a<b,{0,0}, HSTACK(a,b)))(1,2)

Thanks!! This is correct.
If a & B are names ={a,b} fails, but ={1,2} works!!

Follow up Question is this issue concerning the Excel Braces Array Constructor only working with numbers documented anyplace?



Not only numbers, any constants. Texts, Boolean, e.g. ={true, false}

Use array constants in array formulas - Microsoft Support


"Excel Braces Array Constructor only working with numbers"


That is not entirely correct. It works only with constant values, including text strings, TRUE/FALSE and error values. For example, the following is valid:


{"Excel", 37, TRUE, #N/A}


See Guidelines and examples of array formulas section 'Array constant syntax':


Thanks, the Excel Braces constructor generates an Array CONSTANT.
I wrongly assumed it generated a generic Array.

Now in a LAMBDA function where all names are immutable, relaxing this constraint (on constant VALUES) to allow immutable names would be great, as the braces constructor would still generate and Array CONSTANT.

NOTE - in a normal Excel formula  global and sheet names are not immutable, hence the braces constructor would not generate an Array Constant.