Edit Links Tool isn't working properly - after update/layout change

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Hi, hope you guys are ok.


I'm having an issue with "Edit Links" tools at the "Data" bar. 

After some update (last 10-15 days), my Excel isn't able to change, update, break links from my worksheet. 

In the current version, it's show de options as I show below:



Then, after to enter in "Links", it shows this window (different form the classic version I used for several years):



Ok, then, I can't select multiple files (by pressing shift) and neither change and/or update the link. It because, when I try to select Edit Link, appear this "white window" with no options to choose:



So, I'm not able to uptade/change source to my worksheets.

Did someone have the same issue? 

Could help me to solve this problem or to get back my Excel to the old version of "Edit Links" window (as displayed below)?




Thank you.






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@fabiobergossi First of all, please send feedback to the Microsoft team about this.

To help them:

  1. Paste those screenshots in your Excel workbook (on a new tab) and make sure they are all visible on screen
  2. Click Help, Feedback, I don't like something
  3. Describe your issue and check the box to share a screen-shot.

Secondly, you can still use the old links dialog.

  1. Press Alt+F11 to open the VBA Editor
  2. Press Control+G (opens small window called the Immediate pane)
  3. Paste this line of code in that pane:
  4. press Enter

@fabiobergossi I have also reported this issue to MSFT

Jan, did it and worked properly. Thank you so much for this help.
Also reported the issue to MSFT team, following the steps you indicated.
Hope them may fix this issue asap.
I've seen several reports of Excel dialogs being empty, including the "Do you want to save changes" dialog when you try to close a modified workbook. It seems to be an issue with some Windows 11 setups.
The new interface is terrible - in particular the keyboard shortcuts no longer work at all, which is absolutely infuriating.

Is there any way to roll back the changes do you know?