Dynamic Table and Functions

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Hey guys!


So I have a master sheet of Portfolio Losses of each Month. I want to create a sort of dynamic table and input system in which the user can enter the start month and the end month and accordingly the data for the respective months is displayed in a table.


The master sheet isn't constant and is regularly updated so the input and table have to be dynamic. Your help will be appreciated.


Ms Excel 2019 on Windows. I can't share a sample since the data is confidential

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Suggestion: take a look at the bullet points on this post


That's job for Dynamic Arrays but they don't support in Excel 2019. In it that could be Power Query and/or VBA solution or bunch of legacy formulas which will keep cells empty for non-filtered data.


In any case small sample to illustrate the question is quite desirable. We don't need your actual file, if someone suggests the pattern you may modify it and apply to your actual data.