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Hello Community,


I am looking to have a SEQUENCE populating the values from a specific column. Example below:

The line one should start in Jan-2024, while the second in Sep-2024 and the third on Oct-2024.




How can I have the SEQUENCE to just start on a specific column? I already have another field in this table with the month that should start, so I could check if it is the same as the column, but I don't know how to achieve it.

Thanks for helping.

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Hi @K_PR24 


Not top clear to me so this might not be exactly what you expect. As you can see below I used 3 columns on the left to define the parameters per row: When to Start; For how many Months; The value for each month. With Dates in D1:X1:



in D2:

=IF((D$1:X$1 >= A2) * (D$1:X$1 < EDATE(A2, B2)), SEQUENCE(,B2 +XMATCH(A2,D$1:X$1) -1, C2,0), "")

Hi @Lorenzo 


Thanks for sharing your experience. My rule currently is the following: =IF(L2=AZ1#, TEXT(SEQUENCE(1,VLOOKUP(Y2,Table9[#All],4,0)),"")&AA2, TEXT(SEQUENCE(1,VLOOKUP(Y2,Table9[#All],4,0)),"")&AA2)


The problem is that it is not starting populating from the column/month that I want. Each line is supposed to start the sequence in a different column (month). Any hints? Thanks.

Hi @K_PR24 


Each line is supposed to start the sequence in a different column (month). Any hints?

With formulas I don't see an option. With Power Query, probably... but that won't be dynamic (a query can be configured to auto-refresh every n minute(s) though). If you're interested could you share a sample file as I'm not quite clear on your setup?


BTW, interesting to note you use VLOOKUP, not XLOOKUP

Hi @Lorenzo 

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I created the following formula, which is populating from the expected month, but only that month, not the following ones:
=IF((AZ$1:BW$1 = $L2),SEQUENCE(1,VLOOKUP($Y2,Table9[#All],4,0),$AA2,0),"")


If I try to use the >=, it mess up the values:



I noticed that the issue is with the IF function, but I am not sure how could I do different and still get the result I am looking for.



I have managed to create the following formula to solve my problem and now it works perfectly:

=IFERROR(IF(Tables!$E$11:$AB$11 >= DATE(YEAR(K2),MONTH(K2),DAY(K2)+28),SEQUENCE(1,VLOOKUP($Y2,Table9[#All],4,0)+IFERROR(DATEDIF(TODAY(),DATE(YEAR(K2),MONTH(K2),DAY(K2)+28),"m"),0)-IFERROR(DATEDIF(DATE(YEAR(K2),MONTH(K2),DAY(K2)+28),TODAY(),"m"),0),$AA2,0),""),"")