Duplicated lines are being removed when I insert a new Row in Excel

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Hi All, new to community so go easy on me.


I have a spreadsheet which has a 1st sheet that is referenced from several other sheets within the doc (Column A of the receiving sheets references a unique code from the 1st sheet and these run in sequence in the follow on sheets).


Some of the follow on sheets need to duplicate a row from the 1st sheet and I can run some vba to do this no problem.


If I want  to Insert a new line on Sheet 1, I run some vba  to insert the same line in the follow on sheets. However what seems to be happening is that if the line I am inserting is above the lines in the follow on sheets (i.e a lower Row number) then the subsequent duplicates that I have created in the follow on sheets are deleted and I don't want this to happen. It seems as though there is a refresh rolling down the sheet from the point of insertion to the bottom of the data and this is removing the duplicates.


Any one know how I can stop this happening?


Many thanks in advance



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Hi Nick174

It sounds like the sheet you are referencing was generated using power query, do you have a screenshot of the main sheet?


Hi @Yea_So 


Thanks for the reply, I'm afraid I can't show the info on the sheet, but I think it may be because I have used Fill down rather than Autofill when I insert the lines. I will have  a play with this tomorrow and will let you know if this fixes.


Many thanks