Don't have option of "attach a copy instead"

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I send a lot of Word and Excel documents as copies rather than as links.  


For saved files (whether saved to OneDrive or to the PC) I no longer have the option of attaching as a file, I can only send as a link, when I click "share" in the top right hand corner, this is what comes up 




For non saved documents I still have the option of either uploading and sharing as a link, or as attaching a copy. 




So the problem seems to be once the file is saved, but I cannot (for the life of me) find out where the setting is to give the option to send as a copy once the file is saved. 


Can anyone help - I'd hugely appreciate it!


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I'm having same issue but other people have a the option to share as a copy but I don't.
Yeah, it's a real shame. It changed last week, before then I was able to do so.



Also getting this problem


Attach a copy is missing from all Ms Office Apps apart from Excel

Bit more info.

If the Office docs are saved to a OneDrive location I don't get "attach a copy instead"

If i move the file outside of Onedrive (ie downloads) the "attach a copy instead" option comes back.

@cloud_dan thank you and that's the same here, if the file is saved I can't attach a copy, if it it's unsaved I can.


Very frustrating, I don't want to have to save everything I share! 


This might be fixed with an update.


As a workaround until then, what if you add this to the quick access toolbar?




I guess new Share is by design now, it's both on desktop and web. Send works even better if to work with copies.

One by one some functionality is gone from the ribbon into background, that's QAT (ok, now just Toolbar) for.

Yes, it looks to be the case. PPT and Word function the same way with File / Share.



Thanks for sharing this, I was looking for this option and for the life of me couldn't find it!


This will do for a workaround :)

Patrick thank you very much for this, I really appreciate it. This works, thanks for your time and help!
This worked amazing, thanks Patrick! Thought we were going mad as we've only had one reported user with this new interface and "attach a copy" option missing.
Quitting One Drive can help as a workaround. It's not a permanent solution but it has helped us send as a pdf from word without having to save the file then attach it to an email.

@Patrick2788 Thank you so much for this workaround. It worked for me. @JTJCourtney Big thank you to you for posting the question as well. 

Thank you very much @Patrick2788 . The workaround is great. even better than earlier option.


Having the same issue, is there a fix released yet or is it by design (in which case it is a real shame) ?
I believe it is a design update (which I agree, is a shame), but the workaround detailed above is working a treat. I think it might be better than the original!



The option is still there it's nearly hidden on the right beside the gear. 


Another example of changing something that works and deliverying a poor result.  My IT guy was really P****sed when we found this.  



Ahh! Yes, you're right!! Why change it to that, not the best!!


Great, thank for sharing. Beer from me to your IT guy if you say how. IMHO, that's from "the best is the enemy of good".