Do I need Conditional Formatting to achieve this?

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I have a Yes,No, drop down list in a cell. If "No" is selected, I want the fill color of the adjoining cell to change color. How can I do this? Thx



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Yes, you need conditional formatting to change the FORMAT of a cell based on values/calculations.
To have a conditional formatting rule based on other cells you will need to select the last option that is based on a custom formula.
Select the range of cells you want to get formatted (Applied To)
Then after you select that custom formula option you will need to type in a formula. The formula need to return a 'TRUE' response (i.e. NOT false and NOT zero) for each cell reference you want the formatting to get applied to
So base the formula on the most upper left cell you selected in the 'Applied To' range and use $ to make absolute/fixed references accordingly. So lets say you want all of row 8 to be highlighted when cell D7 is 'No" then the Applied to range is 8:8 and the formula will be

@mtarler Thanks for the note...


Here's a little more apologies.

If "NO" is selected in the drop down in the cell under "Response", I want to repeat the same response, in the Cell next door, under Baseline" and have the cell fill be a specific color.




@Anthony Blackburn so I don't know why you want to repeat that 'no' but the formula can simply be =B3 if the response is in B3 and then conditional formatting of that cell (if that is the only cell you want formatted) can use one of the preset formats like 'text that contains'