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Is there any way we can spell check in Microsoft excel?

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You can also prevent spelling mistakes when using Excel. To do this, you use the spell checker. It works like this:


    Open the workbook that you want to review.

    Activate the desired worksheet.

    Press the F7 function key to check the spelling.


Excel now checks the current worksheet for spelling errors. If an error is found, Excel displays the occurrence in a window:


Use the buttons in this dialog window to control whether and how you want to correct the error. When the spell check has been completed, Excel shows this in a corresponding window:


If you want to run the spell check not just for a single sheet but for the entire workbook, right-click on a sheet in the sheet tab before starting the check. Select the "Select all sheets" function. This will group the worksheets.


Only then should you run the spell check. Remember to ungroup the spreadsheets after testing. To do this, click the sheet register again with the right mouse button and select the "Ungroup" function.


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