Date values not recognized by pivot table

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I have a table with a date column (Called "date"), that are clearly formatted as strings (left aligned). In a new column (Called "date1") I convert these values to real dates with @datevalue.


When I build a pivottable form this table, the pivot table does not recognize the "date1" column as dates. Which means when I drag the field name into the rows box, it does not show the "months" and "years" fields/selectors.


What am I doing wrong?



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What happens if you attempt to group the dates in the pivot table via right-click a date | group ?
It creates an extra column before the TrueDate column, named Group1. When you click it it collapses alle the TrueDate values.
I found the solution! After I create the pivot, I first have to save my file. Then teh dates behave like expected.