Date/Time Stamp a Changed Excel Entry

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I want to add a date/time stamp to each row when that row is updated.  I know I could do this in a macro but the workbook might need to be used in mobile Excel Online and macros aren't supported there.


Is there a way to do what I want in a formula?  In pseudo-code, it would be something like "If a1 changed then a2 = NOW().

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@RiverKing Hi there,

I solved this issue based upon my understanding.

Solution is attached.


Thanks for the suggestion but this is something I've already tried. The problem with it is that changing column A in any row resets NOW() for all rows in which An<>Nn.
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This is how it should be, because the Now function is a Volatile function. As time changes constantly, the Now function will also change constantly. Changes in any cell of the Tab (Worksheet) you are in will update the Now function. As far as I understand, you want the date of the change to remain constant. Right?
This is exactly what I needed!

I won't pretend that I understand exactly how it's working but it's doing what I wanted. I did, of course, have to change all of the column references in the linked example and I changed the "n/a" to "".

Thank you, Sir.