Date Specific data input

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Hey Everyone. 


So I'm very new to Excel and getting my head around a lot of the stuff I need to know with help from this forum as well as Google. 


I am however stuck now. 


I'm trying to be able to select a date that I have input across row 2. Each one is a different date. And to have different values in my columns for each date. 


I have a set of information in columns A and B that I would like to keep the same but in columns D, E, F and G I would like to have the data I input to be able to be different depending on the date I select across row 2. 


I've made simple drop down lists that I can adjust to a simple YES - NO - N/A but every date the data will be different. 


I'm sure its possible but I can't figure out how. 


Many thanks for your help. 


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I do have the same problem.