Date format in Excel

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Anyone can tell me why my excel doesn't have mm/dd/yy format can be chose from? I can only found mm-dd-yyyy or mm-dd-yy 1:30 PM




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@Andrewwong Well, select Custom and type mm/dd/yy in the "Type:" field.

Thank you, but after did that, I can type 1/6 to become 1/6/21 but if I typed 1/6/22, it became 06/22/01, why?

@Andrewwong That's probable due to your locale setting. Try with a date where one of the numbers is greater than 12 as 1/6 can be 1 June or January 6.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Yes, it can show whatever I entered. So no chance to change for less than 12? Thank you for your time!