Datastreamer not working under Excel365

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Exactly the same configuration with an Arduino and Excel datastreamer works perfectly under Excel 2016, but does not work under excel365 (Microsoft Excel voor Microsoft 365 MSO (Versie 2301 Build 16.0.16026.20214) 64 bits)

Under Excel365 the datastreamer sees the Arduino on de correct Com port - it connects succesfully, but when I start the datastream - no data is visualised. 

When I run exactly the same configuration with excel 2016 - everything works perfectly. 

Can anayone help us out as a lot of Belgian teachers are experiencing the same problem and we use this a lot. 

Kind regards - Bart

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There have been reports of similar issues with the Data Streamer add-in not working correctly in Excel 365.

One suggestion is to try opening Excel in safe mode and check if it can be opened correctly to determine whether the issue is related to the add-in. 

If so, you can try disabling and re-enabling the Data Streamer add-in to see if that resolves the issue.


First of all, I would recommend running all updates before accessing any repair options.


*My knowledge of Arduino is very limited (to put it mildly). I can't check whether it could also be due to Arduino. All statements without guarantee.


Hope its helps!