Data visualization from excel table: Tree diagram / Hierarchy

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Dear Excel community


I have a table in excel that contains information on different hierarchical levels (category, sub-category and sub-sub-category levels). I would now like to visualize the data in a more digestable way, ideally in a treemap, where I can see the hierarchy more easily.


Snapshot extract of my data:

Leftmost column = Category

Middle column = Sub-Category

Right colum = Sub-Sub-Category




Ideally I want to create a visualization like the one below (illustrative) where my data from the table can be shown similar to this with same logic, category, sub-category, sub-sub-category. 




Do you have any ideas on how to do that (ideally not manually typing in everything myself, but creating a visualization automatically based on selected data)?


Best and thanks already for the support:)



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One option (Windows only, 32-bit Office only) is a TreeView control. See the attached workbook.

You'll have to allow macros when you open it.


Another option would be a SmartArt diagram.


And here is a solution using SmartArt.


One possible option is to create Sankey Diagram on this data.  Sankey Diagram is usually used to visualize information across categories. Here is an example screenshot in Excel.



Its not built-in into Excel. I used a third party add-in which provide this chart in Excel.