Data visualization from excel table: Tree diagram / Hierarchy

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Dear Excel community


I have a table in excel that contains information on different hierarchical levels (category, sub-category and sub-sub-category levels). I would now like to visualize the data in a more digestable way, ideally in a treemap, where I can see the hierarchy more easily.


Snapshot extract of my data:

Leftmost column = Category

Middle column = Sub-Category

Right colum = Sub-Sub-Category




Ideally I want to create a visualization like the one below (illustrative) where my data from the table can be shown similar to this with same logic, category, sub-category, sub-sub-category. 




Do you have any ideas on how to do that (ideally not manually typing in everything myself, but creating a visualization automatically based on selected data)?


Best and thanks already for the support



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One option (Windows only, 32-bit Office only) is a TreeView control. See the attached workbook.

You'll have to allow macros when you open it.


Another option would be a SmartArt diagram.


And here is a solution using SmartArt.