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I have a spreadsheet with a list of alphabetized names.  I want to create a Data Validation cell that will point to the list and provide a drop down for selection.  The part that I have not been able to do is show only the names starting with a certain letter if I type it into the cell.  What is the secret to showing only the name starting with typed in letters?

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The secret is to use Excel on-line which does have this feature. Mac and Windows Excel require VBA programming to get this to work I'm afraid.


does this is what you are looking for?

@dadpope40  I tweaked @Ramiz_Assaf  sheet to filter for only the names starting with that letter or letter sequence because that is what you asked for.  That said his original is nice to use because you can start typing first or last name...  but it is up to you ...

I also added a "No Names Found" if no names are found.