Data Validation Drop Down List not Saving

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I create a Data Validation Drop Down list in Excel, and it works while I have the workbook open, but if I save and close the Excel 97-2003 Worksheet file, then re-open the file, it does not work. When I click the down arrow nothing happens. It is like it does not save the connection to the table. Anyone know why this is happening?

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From your text I cannot infer which version of Excel you are dealing with, knowing the operating system would also be a plus for a proposed solution.


Nevertheless, here ... some information about it.


- First define a name for the area

- and then use this name as the scope

- and then use this name in source / refers to


drop-down menu not visible



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Most probably compatibility issues. As I remember in 97-2003 data for data validation list can't be in another sheet, perhaps something else. It works as it is now at least from 2010.

This is a ridiculous waste of time. 2019 tried 2010 the drop-down list will not save. All the mentions are just additional waste of time. This function should be a very simple drop-down menu, this is not rocket science. This situation displays the lack of understanding of everyday users. We are all not advanced programmers, just people trying to conduct a very simple drop-down menu. This function does not work, it would be a great benefit. Stop wasting everyone's time and say IT DOES NOT WORK.  @G_Kealey