Data Type Stocks not working in Excel 2019

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When I try to use Data Type > Stocks or Geography, it will give the correct title, stock symbol, and market.  However I am not able to get any additional information (i.e. price, P/E, etc).  Nor do I see the icon to the left of each ticker.


What am I missing?

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Hello, based on the attached file, you aint missing anything. I am able to get additional information such as Price, Volume etc. See the caption below



Just click on the Add Column icon and select whatever information you want to view

Thanks.  however I do not get those options when I insert column.  I also do not see the little "house icon" to left of the companies (ie. Microsoft) 

@Guido2020 Please have a look at the attached article. 

It suggests that these data types are not available on Excel 2019. You may have been able to set the format but you can not pick attributes from a field list. When I open your file, being on Office365, I can see that the cells are of the Stock data type and I can see the field icon and pick the different attributes of the stock.


Thanks for your help.

That makes sense.@Riny_van_Eekelen 


Any idea if Microsoft have plans on adding Stocks data type support for Excel 2019 as I am also having similar behavior and probably many others?

@rlabatia Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to your question.

In addition to Riny's reply, the Data Type will have to be made available to Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus subscribers before it finally gets to Standard.. Making Dynamic Array functions and XLOOKUP and XMATCH available to other office 365 channels, is arguably,the priority

In addition, the Data Type, as I just noticed on my Insiders edition of Office 365, is undergoing more enhancement. So, all this features will have to get fully flighted to other channels before Microsoft look at Office 2019 direction to have them...

Finally, if you have the means, you can upgrade to Office 365


It is indeed frustrating to read the linking ability of Excel 2016 and note that it is NOT included in 2019 !  I was reluctant to try the linking to get stock prices until I got a book on linking from Office Watch, and there they seem to describe the possibility to get data from the web, but so far I've had no luck.  It strikes me that MS downgraded 2019 in order to boost the required long-term guaranteed income for MS from their Office 365 version.  While I am sympathetic to the company for wanting to close the door on non-online users, I find it very disheartening that I will have to switch over to Google-Finance to achieve a goal that was once somewhat more straightforward. 



You can actually use the function in Excel for the Web, free! All you need a outlook or hot mail email address which you can to access Excel for the Web.


@Abiola1  did you really say Hotmail!  Holy cow, we are going backwards here.  What can we do if we do not have an outlook account or a hotmail, are you saying we can no longer use the Excel Stock function, even though it is an icon on the toolbar?  Something seems amiss


There is an icon that says stock.  If you enter MSFT, you can hit the stock button and it recognizes Microsoft as a stock.  Now, how might we be able to see the data for that stock, say last close price, volume, etc.  Can you help?

@Riny_van_Eekelen Actually, Excel 2019 does (did) support data type Stock.  I purchased Office 2019 Home and Business just for that reason.  I installed Office 2019 and registered it.  I then created a spreadsheet with my stock portfolio and made the stock symbol column data type Stock.  It changed the ticker symbols stock names and added the house icon to the left.  I was able to add columns for .price and other things.  I created a macro that would refresh the prices automatically.  I ran this a few times each day for a week.  Then, the Stock and Geography buttons disappeared from the Data ribbon and all the stock type fields now read #VALUE!.  I have tried for several days now trying to get it back.  From the high number of articles about the problem that I found on Bing it seems to be a universal issue.

OH WOW.... I bought the upgrade to 2019 to have update STOCKs for my portfolio and now MICROSOFT didn't tell us that STOCK update tools don't include?! Not cool at all... Gonna refund the money. SMH