Data table is not an option for a pie chart

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I must be doing something wrong.  I've been using other types of charts for a few years and always have the ability to add a data table.  Now I'm creating a pie chart and the option to add a data table is not available.  What am I missing?

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You're not missing anything. Data tables are not enabled for chart types such as pie chart, doughnut chart, radar chart and sunburst chart.


As an alternative, you could use the Camera tool to place a live copy of the source data below the pie chart.

@Hans Vogelaar, thanks for confirming my sanity.  Sure there are work-arounds.  I've seen people post them other places.  So obviously there's a need/desire.  What could it possibly hurt to allow one to choose to include a data table?

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You can submit a request to Microsoft from within Excel: File > Feedback > I have a suggestion.