Data Model Pivot Table Average Subtotals

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Hello Everyone, I´m having an issue witha a pivot table from the data model.

I want the quarterly subtotals to show monthly average rather than sum, but the option is grayed out:


Is there a way i can work around this?

Thank you!

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If you are on data model I'd recommend not to use implicit measures at all. Create your own DAX explicit measures with SUM, AVERAGE, whatever and use them in PivotTable.

@Sergei Baklan 
Thanks for your reply!
I´m not very good with DAX measures, how could I create a measure that sums by month and then shows quarter monthly average?



If you post a very small, copiable dataset together with expected results I can show you the necessary measures.


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For such sample


measure could be

Total:=IF (
    HASONEVALUE ( tbl[Date (Month)] ),
    SUM ( tbl[Value] ),
        VALUES ( tbl[Date (Month)] ),
        DIVIDE ( SUM ( tbl[Value] ), COUNTROWS ( VALUES ( tbl[Date (Month)] ) ), 0 )


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed!
The code Sergei posted solved my problem already, but thank you very much for your offer!


You are welcome, glad to help