Data does not stay together when I use Sort

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Sometimes when I sort a column the data in the other columns does not stay together.  How do I keep all the data on the numbered lines the same when I sort?  For example:  If I want to sort Column B from A-Z and I click on it ... it asks if I would like to expand or continue with current selection.  I always hit expand but it does not always keep the data per row together.   What am I doing wrong?

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When you sort column B, all other columns A,C-Z obeys the sort other of column B. Definitely, the date column also obeys the column B sort order

I was having the same problem.

The other Columns did not obey the Sort order.

If the Column being Sorted is Column H, then Columns A-H are sorted, and Columns I thru V are left alone. Turns out, I had left a blank column which created a barrier - new table? - and the Sort order stopped there. Columns to the right of the blank column stayed put.

Lots of re-work for me, as I had saved the file and closed the app before I realized it.