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Hi! I need to perform a data analysis, but first need to test for normality?

Can anyone help me perform a Shapiro-Wilk normality test on excel?


ALSO - The data is of male birds (same species), divided into four groups (one control, and four treatment) with ten in each; we are then dissecting the birds and measuring the weight of their organs. So, they're independent groups, receiving independent treatments. I was just wondering what sort of data analysis you would recommend to compare independent groups to each other (e.g., compare group 1 to group 2, and group 2 to group 3 etc.)?? What would be best considering the small data size?? I have removed potential outliers from the data using a 2 standard deviation upper and lower limit, so the groups don't have equal values anymore either.



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Post few sample data and show your desired output. You may attach a sample file with your post. Then explain logic to gain that output.