Ctrl+A Not Selecting All Columns in Spreadsheet

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Hi -


I'm attempting to select all the cells (with data) in a spreadsheet. No matter what I try, only the first 5 columns are selected. Any suggestionw?

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Maybe you have data in non contiguous range i.e. you may have one or more blank columns in between.

To select all the non contiguous data, select cell A1 and press Ctrl+Shift+End.

Thanks - Ctrl+Shift+End selects every cell in the spreadsheet (A1 -> XFD 1048576). How can I select just the cells I know I have data in? I'm not sure if this is the reason why when I sort a column of numbers that not all cells are part of the sort.)


When you press Ctrl+End which cell gets selected?

Ideally this should be the last cell used on the worksheet either for entering data, applying a formula or any kind of formatting to it.

Whichever cell you get after pressing Ctrl+End, is it really the last cell used on that worksheet?

If you press Ctrl+A twice may select all cells.


You need to stay within the range to select with Ctrl+A the data only , i.e. some data shall be to the right and down from your focused cell. Otherwise Ctrl+A selects entire sheet.



When I press Ctrl+End, the last cell selected is Column CD, Row 296. In reality, the last cell in use is Column AY, Row 226.

When I press Ctrl + A, Columns A thru D, thru Row 226 are selected.


Column C contains numbers. And, even though Column C is selected, I'm not able to sort the column sequentially and a few numbers don't even appear in the selection list for that column.

@Sergei Baklan 


What does it mean to "stay within the range"?


If you are somewhere here


Ctrl+A selects the range.

If here


- entire sheet.

Ctrl A no select all:
1, Home -> Shift End (or reverse)
2, right click or key like right click (in image https://i.stack.imgur.com/uRuVk.jpg)
-> a, Alt a, ... (to select line "select all")