CSV file in Excel - Avoid default round off

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Hi Everyone,


I have a csv export which has numeric and currency values with 5 decimals places. When I open it in excel, its getting rounded off by default and I need to format the cells for every file.

Is there a default setting which allows to display all the decimal values as it is in csv when we open in excel?

Ex: CSV with Tab separated


In Excel : 




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When I open your CSV file in a text editor it shows this:




So everything seems to be rounded already in the CSV file.


If you double click on CSV when Excel use your regional settings to convert numbers. Thus for currencies it round to 2 decimals, for other numbers cut zeroes. You can nothing to do with that.

An option is to import csv file using Power Query or legacy From Text/CSV wizard and mark such columns as texts.

Sorry Riny. I have updated the correct file now.
Its a tab delimited file.