Cross Referencing Data in Excel

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I have a spreadsheet that lists document numbers that are stored in a document management system.  I have to cross reference the documents in that management system, which means I have to go into each individual document in the management system and add in all the documents where that individual document is referenced.  The attached spreadsheet lists all the documents in our system (column B) and each document where they are referenced (columns C-AP).  Is there a way to have Excel search columns C-AP, find a specific value, and provide me with a list from column B where that value is found in columns C-AP?


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This formula returns the expected results in my sample file in my understanding. The formula must be entered as an arrayformula with ctrl+shift+enter if someone doesn't work with Office 365 or Excel for the web or Excel 2021. I've added conditional formatting which highlights the cells in range C2:AP162 where search string from cell C166 is found.