Creating a Cell Reference in Excel using a formula.


Is it possible to create a Cell Reference using a formula? For example: If I want the value in Cell B1 to equal the value in Cell A1, can I put in Cell B1 something like, ="B" & 1 - (I know this e.g. formula doesn't work, but is there one that would, please?


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@tomc72 Just enter =A1 in cell B1, or is this not what you want?


Alternatively, you may want to look into the INDIRECT or ADDRESS functions.


Hi Riny,


You are right, that is not what I want . But I´m very grateful for your mention of the Address function because I may be able to come up with a work-around by using it in conjunction with the Row function. I am going to have to play around with that.

However, regarding my core issue, perhaps I could explain myself better:

Say I have a randomly generated letter (say W) and a randomly generated number (say 23). I need a formula in (say A1) that adds the W and the 23 together so that cell AI displays not W23, but instead displays the content of cell W23.

Is that possible?

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@tomc72 Okay! Perhaps the picture below will point you in the right direction then.


Screenshot 2020-11-28 at 15.10.27.png



Hi Riny,

Yes, that´s a great help... I can see how I could work with that. Thank you very much.


@tomc72 You're welcome!