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Create time slot

Hello, I have a question here, thank you very much in advance.
I would like to identify a column of dates within a band, so for example if my column K is between 07:00:00-13:59:59:59 it would be called "MATINAL", if it is between 14:00:00-16:59:59:59 it would be called "SOBREMESA", etc.

But don't know how to do it

I would appreciate any light on this matter


Thanks anyway





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I'd use Data > Text to Columns to split the time ranges in column K into a start time and end time.

Same for the Horario Franja values.

Will each range in column K always fall entirely within one time slot? If so, you can use INDEX/MATCH or XLOOKUP.

See the attached sample.


@Hans Vogelaar 


Yes, it will fall inside the band, I'm trying to apply it in the same way you indicated but it doesn't work the same, I don't know if it's because of the format of the cells.


'm not receiving the correct result




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The values in columns J and K are left-aligned. suggesting that they are text values, not real time values.

Try to convert them to real time values.

And the lookup table in columns N to P should be as in my sample workbook, with NOCHE at the top.