Create pdf and Email pdf

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Hi guys,


I'm sort of new to VBA and was wondering if I can do the following - see attached picture for reference.


I have a sheet (Admin_Sheet) that I use to do calculations from other multiple sheets (VLOOKUP, SUMIFS, INDEX, MATCH, etc.).  It calculates Sales Data, Transactions, MTD, YTD, etc. based on one selection in a cell (STORE NAME) using a data validation of the STORE NAME in a couple of sheets.  What I would like to do is write a VBA (if possible) to:


  1. Select the next STORE NAME in the Validation Drop Down (+-130 Stores)
  2. Create a pdf document for each Store
  3. Email the pdf file to the recipient (email and Store Name linked on a different sheet)

Please assist if possible.



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