Create New Worksheet using Copy and Paste - Formulae only NOT data

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Hi, first post on here so please be gentle and yes, I have searched the archive (and the web).


I am using a MacBook Pro (Ventura 13.1) and Excel for Mac v16.71 on a 365 business subscription.


I have a workbook in which I record every purchase for my business in a single row with around 8 columns. Each worksheet runs 6 April to 5 April (UK tax year) and it has both data and formulae in it.

I know how to copy both data and/or formulae from last year's worksheet on a cell to cell basis and I know I can copy the data only from one to the other but I cannot find a way to copy the whole of last year's worksheet formulas without the data.  I was wondering if it is actually possible to copy JUST the formulas from a whole worksheet in ONE SINGLE copy and paste operation?


I have already tried the 'paste special sub menu' and selected 'Formulas' but this still pastes the data too?


Any ideas out there?


Steve B

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Hi there. If you want to copy only formulas instead of constant data, you can delete constants after you copy all. So copy all sheet and then select all of your copied data which includes formulas and constants.

Then Find&Select and Go to special. Then choose constants and delete them. And you can fill those cells to see which data you delete. You can see detailed screen shots below respectively.





and you can delete them.

Hi, that's great - all done .. thanks very much!

Steve B
You're welcome. Glad to help.