Create an external reference (link) to a cell range in another online document

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I am looking to create a reference with a document that is online (on a sharepoint).
I use index+equiv formulas between two documents on my desktop, which work perfectly. Only one of the documents is online and the formulas don't work anymore with a document on Sharepoint.
Indeed, the access path to the document includes the name of my computer and therefore depends on my session.
Do you have any ideas for solutions?
Thanks in advance


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Hi @dphn_u ,

When I understand you right, you should upload them both on the same system, that you dont have a problem with the reference, otherwise you will always have some trouble

Isn't it possible to create just an other sheet in the first excel document?

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Thanks for your answer.
I can't create another sheet, the two docs are used by different persons. And this two docs are located on different files on a Sharepoint.
The thing is that for me it's working, but for an other user no, they don't see the last update except if I open first the doc (kind of uploading). I would like that the two documents will not be linked with my computer ...
I don't know if this is actually possible on documents online ?
Thank you for your time
Ah okay, I guess you are searching for this.

The only "problem" is its on excel online. If this is no problem you can use this option.
Best regards