create a simple inventory tracking in excel

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Hi everyone, could you guys help me with this task? I need an inventory tracking system in excel. I have this sheet. The problem is I do not know how to make a simple and proper inventory tracking system in Excel. I want to be able to see how much of each product I sell daily, weekly and monthly. How to achieve this goal? I guess several additional sheets should be created to record sales and product quantity, and formulas should be added to calculate daily weekly and monthly sales, but I do not know how to do it properly and conveniently and where to put sales data so it triggers formulas. Maybe for some of you it is a lightweight and you can share a template.



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Perhaps not really what you need, but maybe it gives you some ideas?

Thank you fro your reply. I checked it. This almost what I need. But it would be confusing for my father. Reservation tab does not make any sense in my case. But this is almost what I need.

I basically have 2 columns :
sheet1: Product Name  Quantity sold. In sheet 1 my father every day removes quantity sold as tmr is a new day and new sales data will be entered. 
What I want is to have a second sheet(sheet2) and exactly the same columns that will duplicate quantity sold but will not remove entries in the sheet2 when my father removes values in sheet1. I want to have running/accumulating total quantity sold or how people call it, snowball effect. it would be nice if I could see sales daily, weekly monthly and not just total quantity sold for each product