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I have used COUNTIF several times before.  But on this particular sheet it doesn't want to function.  I am getting 0 when I should get 3.  If i substitute "*" it counts all the cells.  When I type out what (i.e. "Name") I'm looking for it works, but I have 6 sheets with 40 to 60 names to count on each.  I did use a macro to generate a round robin tournament, but that is on a different sheet than the results.  Any suggestions?

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Check carefully if there is a space before or after the name in the range where you want to count the name, or another spelling difference.

Thank you. I'll double check that.
Thank you. I have no idea how the space got in there. Works Great!
Now is possible to have the wins sorted descending automatically as the wins change?


You could use the SORT function to return the wins in descending order in another range.

If you want the wins to be sorted automatically in place, that would require VBA (which works only in the desktop versions of Excel for Windows and Mac , not in the online, Android and iOS versions).