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Hello, thank you everyone for your help. I have 2 columns, a date on the left cell, the payment $ on the right cell, and the column is long, goes down many cells, with the same pattern. I need to make a total of the payments, but must be separated by the year of the payment date. Above these 2 columns, I need a list of years in the left column, and a list of payment totals in the right column, only if the payment happened in the specific year on the left. I have attached a screenshot example of this problem, Thank You.


Also, I see other posters can set their photo to display, but when I upload a photo, it does not display here, it is only available for viewers to download. How do I display the photo directly?

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You can try SUMPRODUCT.



There is a button which i can click to choose which screenshots i want to upload.

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