could not add the field to the pivot table because the formula is invalid


EDIT 2: Solved it. Had to turn off grand totals on Pivot tables because it exceeded the character limit.



Thank you in advance.

This is a DAX related question. I am getting the following error when I create a measure that has no errors in the formula.

"could not add the field fx Serial Number to the pivot table because the formula is invalid"


I followed the steps outlined to this article

to try and fix it, however, they didn't work.


I am also getting issues where the syntax guide is showing me two different places in the syntax at once (see attached pictures). Normally I wouldn't think anything of this, but given that it isn't working, it might be significant.


If I can sort this out, it will let me put text in the value field of a pivot table, which will be HUGE.


Formula I am using is =CONCATENATEX


I just don't know what's going wrong on this, so if any one can shine some light onto the issue, that would be AMAZING!!!


Once again thank you so much!


EDIT: I did get it to work once. That spreadsheet is somewhat unstable and I cannot get it to replicate.


Also, I cannot share the spreadsheet because it contains customer information.

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