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I have a encrypted excel file . When i will open this file a take my passwort. After then i get an errichtet message.  Corrupt or damaged file. 

How can repair this? 

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If you're facing issues with opening an encrypted Excel file and encountering a corrupt or damaged file error, you can try the following steps:

  1. Make a Copy: Before attempting any repairs, make a copy of the corrupted file. This way, you can try different methods without risking the original file.
  2. Use a Backup: If you have a backup of the file, try opening the backup to ensure it's not a problem specific to the current file.
  3. Open and Repair:
    • Open Excel.
    • Click on "File" and then select "Open."
    • Browse to the location of the corrupt file.
    • Click on the file once to select it.
    • Instead of directly opening it, click on the arrow next to the "Open" button.
    • Choose "Open and Repair" from the drop-down menu.
    • Follow the prompts to attempt a repair.
  4. Recover an Earlier Version:
    • Right-click on the corrupted file and select "Properties."
    • Go to the "Previous Versions" tab.
    • If there's a previous version available, select it, and click "Restore."
  5. Open in Safe Mode:
    • Open Excel in Safe Mode.
    • Open the corrupt file in Safe Mode and see if it opens without issues.
    • If it does, there might be an issue with an add-in or customization. You can disable add-ins or repair Office to resolve this.
  6. Use External Tools: There are third-party tools designed to repair corrupted Excel files. Tools like Repair My Excel, Stellar Repair for Excel, or Online Excel Repair may help recover data from corrupted files. Be cautious and research thoroughly before using third-party tools.
  7. Check for Windows and Office Updates: Ensure that your Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite are up-to-date with the latest updates.
  8. Recover Data Using External Tools: If repairing the file is not possible, you may use data recovery tools to extract data from the corrupt file.

Remember to try these steps on a copy of the file, not the original, to avoid accidental data loss. If none of these methods work, it's possible that the file is severely damaged, and data recovery may be challenging. Regularly backing up your important files can prevent data loss in the future.

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@NikolinoDE thank you for this info. I will try it.  I give Info about this.