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For ms office 365, how I can auto copy one sheet data to another workbook ?

I am a manager. I have shared a workbook having multiple sheets to my colleagues. They update it daily. One of the sheet data i want to be auto copy in my masterfile when updated the shared workbook. How can I do it ?

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You could try using a VBA macro or a Power Query to automate the process of copying the data from the shared workbook to your master file. You could also try using the Move or Copy Sheet command to manually copy the sheet from the shared workbook to your master file.


**Which of these options can/may/should be used depends on your digital environment (Excel version, operating system, storage medium, etc.) and partly also on the other users.


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move or copy says my workbook isprotected

@Don Bleeker 

You must unlock the file if it has a password.

Change or remove workbook passwords