Copy information from one cell to another based on drop down selection

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I'm having some issues figuring this out for some reason. So everyone has a better idea of what I'm trying to do:


Basically inside of my sheet, whenever the dropdown selection "DEPLOYED" is chosen in the "STATUS" Column, I want to copy the information in one column and move it to another.


ex. "STATUS" Column is Column C where you select from a list of options. When "DEPLOYED" is selected I need to copy the data from Column A in its respected row and paste that same information into Column M of that same row. So if under C50 "DEPLOYED" is selected from the dropdown, it will automatically move the information from A50 to M50. The rule also needs to apply to the entire table (Columns A -> M, Rows # = 661).


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Simply, just add a formula on M column to check if the C cell value is "DEPLOYED" then refer to it, otherwise leave the cell empty. copy this formula into M50 =IF(C50="DEPLOYED",A50,"")