Copy Conditional formatting for each row

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Hi, I have set up a drop down menu with several status and each status gives a different color for the row. 

Colum B, I have a status selection

The rows I want to change colour for each status


=$B$2="Sample Received"



=$B$2="Sample Sent"



=$B$2="Result sent"



I want the same for Row 3 but not sure how to duplicat it



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=$B2="Sample Received"



This works in my spreadsheet.

Hi thanks for reading and your reply. This take the colour to the next level, I have probably not made my instructions clear.

I am looking to make the next line work by using

=$B$3="Sample Received"


=$B$3="Sample Sent"


=$B$3="Result sent"


The problem I need to fo to row 200 and did not want a load to wright out fr each line

select 200 columns then do insert columns

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I understand that you want to

- highlight range A2:F2 if "sample received" is in cell B2

- highlight range A3:F3 if "sample received" is in cell B3

and so on.


In the attached file i inserted dropdowns in range B2:B201 with the values from range J1:J3. This might be what you want to do. The formulas i suggested in my last post work accordingly for range B2:B3. Unfortunately from your initial question i didn't understand that there are actually 200 rows in your file.

This is awesome and now I see the formula I understand it.