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Hello everybody,

I'd like to add a column of results, but only if the content of the cells on the range are coincident with a precise text.

I mean, a colum presents text of several types: "CERRADO", "NO POR UBICACIÓN", "NO POR TIPO"...etc, and I have used the function CONTAR.SI (COUNT.IF, i guess, in English) for the range of cells on which "CERRADO", or "NO POR UBICACION", etc.

The problem (yet) is that I would like to add cells in which the content is those three expressions:


- "2024"



but not the other ones with different content.


I have tried to ¿anidate? both functions, with this syntax, that is wrong because the result is #value



(=COUNT.IF(...........);OR("..."....)) in English, I suppose


I guess it is because the result of OR is TRUE or FALSE, not numeric results. But is there a way to use OR, or other function, to have as result 1 if any condition of OR is true, or 0 if all of them are FALSE?


What or how should I use those funcions?


Very thankful in advance to everyone.


Sergio Laspalas - ESP

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This formula returns 1 if any condition is true and 0 if all conditions are false.