Convert multiple text files in to excel files

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Hello there Community,

I have a little question/problem:

i have like 100 Text files id like to convert in to excel files


Text Flile "List1":  


Import of the Text File in Excel BUT i have to change the formation to text so that my numbers stay correct: 



In the end it schould look like the text file just in excel (the green column1,2,... are not nessesary)


Last step would be saving the excel with the same name as the txt (List1.exe)


As i said i have like 100 txt files to convert per day and it would be amazing if i could just transform them all at one. The txt files are aktually all the same the only difference ist that in column 1 the nummer varries from 4 characters to 9.


I hope someone could help me with that problem



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Please DO NOT call that number. It is a scam. @Raphael96 

It has been reported to the moderator!