Convert Excel Data into Calendar

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Hello, I have some recurring expenses that I am trying to map out in a calendar. I have attempted to transfer it from excel to outlook and use their calendar but it would not transfer. If you guys could either help me get it transfered into outlook to use their calendar or to generate a calendar in excel with the data either would work perfectly fine.


Here is the data in question.

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@mdockter Please see attached file. It's based on one of many Calendar templates available on-line. This particular one (Family Event Planner) came up a while ago in this forum in connection when a runner wanted to use it to plan a training schedule for a marathon. The original template wasn't very useful, so I changed it around a bit so that it would display the actual event(s) for the day, rather than just state that "Something is due today".

Without much effort, I could turn it into an Expense calendar.  Though, bear in mind that it uses some of the newer functions like TEXTJOIN and FILTER.  See if that would work for you.

If not, a Pivot table could probably achieve something useful as well.


That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.