Content became link when I copy in excel

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I have been using ms excel for a long time & currently using ms excel 2016 but now I'm facing an issue.


Actually, I use chrome & when I copy any content or link and then I paste in excel it became a Hyperlink.


For example.


I copy https://www.google.com/ to Chrome & paste this in excel file so it became hyperlink but become but before some time. I used to copy from chrome and paste in excel so it always is copied as simple text.


Here are screenshots.1This is a simple text (I want this)


2I don't wanna this Hyperlink while copy & paste

So I want to solve this issue that I'm facing, Just to know a perfect way to fix it.

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After copying, paste as text like this:
Alt,H,V,S then select Text and click OK.
Thanks for your reply but @Twifoo this is just working only for one time. It means I will have always Alt,H,V,S for normal text.

I want permanent solution as before, Every text used to copy & paste in normal way (not hyperlink).
Select all cells from which you want to remove hyperlinks (Ctrl+A), then click Hyperlink, Remove Link.
Dear, this is for removing hyperlinks but I'm not looking to remove hyperlinks & I already know how to remove hyperlinks.

I'm looking to know. How a copied text from a Browser, Should be a simple test while pasting in excel sheet.